Sunday, 22 November 2020

Twin Knit Project Start~!

Hello cuties!

Last year I started knitting to relax with, but also feel like I'm doing something productive, which knitting is perfect for. I stick to more mindless repetitive patterns so I don't have to focus as much 😅 I love seeing the progress that I make when knitting which makes it hard to stop too haha. After making a lot of basic bows I moved onto garments making Ripple Bralettes

I started off with some cheap cone wool to make my very first one, so if I messed up it isn't as harsh on the purse. But then discovered you can get hand dyed wool! I love seeing all of the colour combinations and different textures. I now have a super big stash of amazing hand dyed wool which I just keep adding too 😛 So, I picked out a yarn I thought my twin would love (which would be something neon) is when I made my twin the yellow bralette. I started to change up the length and got confident making them fit perfectly for our shape. After I made the bralette for Clairey she caught the bug too for knitting (sorry Clairey, you're going to buy loads of wool like me 😂) and now we knit together.

Once Clairey got the basics we joined the same designers secret knit-a-long to make the two pieces at the top. There like a very cute high neck crop which yes, you can wear knits in summer! Although I did have a little sneaky peak to see if it was something we'd both like. I also included my other pieces all using patterns from Jessie Maed. Her designs are great for beginners who are ready to try garments and there so fun to knit too. So after this knit, Clairey and I wanted to do a matching knit together and make matching jumpers together! I really suggest Jessie, she includes lots of tips in the tutorial and on her Instagram she has lil video clips on how to do certain stitches. I've also messaged her before to check something with her and she replied and was super helpful. Plus she's hella size inclusive and makes super cute hot patterns.

(Photo belonging to Jessie Maed) 

We chose this pattern which is new to me, but all of my knits are tank tops so we wanted something with sleeves. We are going to knit the length a little longer, around hip length, but you can customise and decide if you want it to be super crop or longer.

For yarn we chose Ernold Same in slub by Fleabubs by Lala which is absolutely gorgeous! It's so squishy and the colours look great on the slubby yarn. I've always wanted to knit with slubby yarn (slubby yarn is where the yarn has cute slubs *poof balls* which creates a fun texture) but wasn't able to find it in colours I liked until now. It's like a rainbow pastel watercolour which is great for me, who likes more lighter colours and Clairey, who likes everything bright!

And since it's our first twin project I bought some special stitch markers which were more seasonal when I bought them! I fell in love that they have little pumpkins to hold as well. I know our knit is more Christmas winter time but they were too cute to pass up. Come on, it's lil ghosts trick or treating!

Here is our start, on Clairey's beauty and the beast project bag she bought from Etsy. We had a bit of a rough start as we got used to the slubby yarn, turns out it's not super beginner friendly yarn but once we got used to it was lovely to knit up. At the start it was hard to read the stitches but after a couple of rows its all fine. The slubs and the texture look gorgeous and I'm so happy we bought this yarn. When doing a twin knit together not only would it mean we have a matching knit but it also means we are going to spend time together watching movies (Maybe some cheesy Christmas movies? I know Dolly Parton is coming out with one) 

Are you doing any crafting projects this autumn winter? What crafting do you do?