Saturday, 23 January 2021

Jan Update - Casual Pastels & Wintery 'British' Coords

 Hey Cuties!

 How did everyone enjoy their new years? We've been enjoying a relaxing January so far now that things have slowed down. For 2021 we're hoping to have a happy and chill year and to try keep positive with all the changes that are happening. We're also wanting to wear gyaru more this year too, which lead Clairey to buying new pieces.

After Seeing Kumatan's face Clairey had to buy it πŸ˜‚ His face is so small compared to the bag but we think that makes him cute. The bags also a lot bigger than we expected it must of been a lucky pack. We love how plush it is. Then Clairey picked up a red sequin Glavil cross which takes her collection up to 8 now. Clairey also found a Tralala necklace which is sparkly and pink and perfect for Amy.

Amy picked up some new games including Ring Fit which we super recommend πŸ’ͺ! We've found that due to all of the lockdowns we've not been able to exercise as much as we'd like to so this is perfect. You can choose what exercise you want to do reps of as well so you can tailor it to yourself easily.

Now that work has slowed down, we've been able to do a bit more on our time off and dress a bit nicer instead of just trying to relax all the timeπŸ˜…. When dressing casually Amy has been enjoying dressing in pastels.

 Amy here, I love my Creamy Pop shirts I have they're so cute and colourful. I decided to match my eye make to my top which I doesn't normally wear pastels and now I want to do more of it. Most of the shadows were from the Beauty Bay Pastels palette. I matched my cardigan and fluffy clips with the look as well, most of my casual wardrobe is pastel so it's very easy to coordinate πŸ˜‚ Both of which was from ASOS.

Hooray! Clairey here, I'm wearing my Glad News poncho styled top that Amy bought me for Christmas! I love the Union Jack colours and actually have 8 Union Jack gyaru pieces πŸ˜‚ like come on! It's rokku gyaru 101. I added the leopard headband just for a finishing touch.

I also picked up this amazing fluffy Ghost of Harlem jacket. It's so plush and cute! I tried more neutral eye make with it to match the stylishness of the jacket. I've really been feeling the more sophisticated style of Ghost of Harlem. Their pieces feel more ane gyaru compared to the glad news rokku pieces. It's nice to grow and explore different things!

We've also been busy over Christmas and new year with our shop Magical Harts. We ran a new years sale which included our holographic badges modelled on Amy's bag Clairey bought her for Christmas. As you can see Amy already decorated it fully πŸ˜‚ Now it's perfect πŸ’–

Of course we have some Kuji prizes too πŸ˜… this time we won some cute Kuromi pieces which is Clairey's favourite. The tote bag print is metallic pink too and once again we won some homeware which goes great with our other Sanrio prizes. 

And that's our Jan updates πŸ’• After the rush of December I feel like I've finally caught up now. We've got some cute things planned for February since it's our birthday month. Last year we were in Disneyland before the pandemic but this year will be different as we're in lockdown, so we had to come up with a different way to celebrate 🍰🍰🍰 

Monday, 18 January 2021

Kujis Kujis Kujis - Sailor Moon, Rilakumma, Sailor Moon & Sanrio

Hi Cuties!

Previously we wrote about finding out about Kujis and we mentioned they might be a little addictive. Turns out that is correct πŸ˜‚. We've been entering a few since then on Otaku House ( Referral link but not sponsored) and we managed to win some very cute things! πŸ’– Unfortunately it was a super grey dark day when I took these photos but that's British winter for you πŸ˜…

These were prizes from Mimikyu's Antique and Tea 🍡 This was a super cute Kujis and totally Amy's style. We got lucky and got a lot of pink items which is Amy's favourite colour. The glass plate was hard to take a picture of as it's all translucent kind of frosted print but it's so pretty in real life. This one was from before we got recommended Otaku house from everyone but it was the first kuji we ever found.

Next up was Rilakkuma kuji, this one had lots of homeware items in which are our favourite ones to enter! We manged to win the 2nd top prize which was the glass bottle tea set, the bottle and glasses were bigger than we thought and there good quality too so we're so happy with them 🐻 We also got 3 ice cream spoons which we didn't even think we would need some really cute ones but now we have them.

Of course we entered a Sailor Moon Kuji too! (Sorry for the bad lighting 😒) We won another top prize which was the blanket, I use it on my bed and as a backdrop for all these kuji photos πŸ˜… so everything is cute now. We also got a sailor mars and mercury (Amy's favourite) key ring which is so detailed and has see through parts on it too, it's now on Amy's bag πŸ˜‚ Lastly we got an acrylic standee which was of sailor moon which makes our desks look cute too.

Last kuji is Pochacco! We got a lot of the smaller prizes but we love them all, we got two tote bags which look perfect for spring and Amy's already put hers in her bag. We got a bowl which goes great with all the other homeware pieces we got, they may not match but they all will be cute πŸ˜‚! The mascot keyring is also now on Amy's bag which happened straight away. Then there was a drawstring and silicone pouch which are so cute, we've never seen a silicone pouch before but it's nice and was bigger than we thought too!

We already have more kuji on the way and it's fair to say we love kuji's they are so affordable too.

I guess you can look forward to a new kuji post coming soon πŸ˜…

Talk soon 
Amy & Claire