Monday, 22 February 2021

Twin Look 3# The Month of Love plus Cute Gets!

 Hey cuties!

So okay, we could of totally matched this up with Valentines day but the whole month of February is the month of love right??? So we both did another twin look, on the theme of Valentines/love. If you didn't know, for the whole of February we are doing twin looks/coords to celebrate that it's our birthday month. You can find our previous looks here and here

Wig - Webster Wigs
Earrings - Let's go Fairily
Choker - Sour Cherry
Necklace - Glavil
Top - Missguided
Shrug - Dream V
Arm warmers - Asos
Belt - Ebay
Tights - Snag Tights

So I guess you can call this super pink 80's fueled valentines? πŸ’ I actually super love matching pink with black! I used the Colourpop Fade into Hue palette with a Love + Sugarpill shadow for the eyemake. I super love it! The Colourpop palette is pure pigment and super strong neons. The lashes really finish it. I like my eyeshape but my bottom lash pushed up a lil so you can't really see them. 😭 I cant hide from colour at all πŸ˜‚

Also I'm wearing my new lenses! There Vassen milkshake pink. I love super strong lenses, not really the natural look πŸ’•

Wig: Webster Wigs
Necklace: Missguided
Jumper: Cecil Mcbee
Shorts: Off Brand

While Clairey went for 80s I went for a city date outfit. I originally planned a Disney valentines outfit even with valentines ears too, but the dress was not flattering on me whatsoever. It arrived a different shade of pink and was really oversized but not in a cute way. However I quickly changed into this Cecil Mcbee jumper and went for a casual date look instead πŸ’•. I love the blonde pink wig and I've bought another in the same colourway but different style and I can't wait to wear it. Even though I couldn't wear the outfit I wanted; I still matched with Clairey in all the pink πŸ’–.

Speaking of Disney I picked up this super cute Disney Shanghai Winnie the Pooh Sakura collection bag. Its so cute and is the perfect shade of blush pink. The strap and Piglet keyring are really high quality I'm so happy with it, I wasn't sure if it was going to be plastic but it's a nice faux leather. I bought this through @yykawaiimerch1 on Instagram and I super recommend them they do a lot of anime merchandise and kujis too. They're great at communication too and are really easy to use. 

How did you celebrate Valentines?  We're still in lockdown so we had a nice meal together πŸ’–.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Poncho/Cape off! Glad News & La Pafait Twin Look #2


Hello cuties~

We're here with twin look #2 for our birthday month! Last time we truly twinned wearing matching Glavil hoodies but this time we wanted to celebrate our differences in style. It's no secret, if you know Amy that she loves capes πŸ’–! It's such a core piece in Hime styles and boy does she have a few. She also spread this love by buying Clairey 4 different poncho/capes of her own. So it's only natural that for this look it would be a poncho/cape off. The rules? Make it your core Gyaru style.

Clairey Outfit (left)
Wig: Zella Rose Wigs
Diamante Clip: River Island
Necklace: Glavil
Poncho: Glad News 
Dress: Primark

Amy Outfit (right)
Hair Pieces: Prisila
Head piece: La Pafait
Necklace: La Pafait
Cape: Taobao 
Bracelet: Jesus Diamante
Skirt: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Knit Cable Tights: Primark

Clairey here! So as we mentioned before Amy has passed on her love of capes/ponchos to me! This is the amazing poncho Amy got me for Christmas πŸ˜­πŸ’— She even founded out the picture of Sakurina wearing it! I love it so so much; it's really me down to a T. Lots of bright colours on black and an amazing rokku flair. I know I could of paired the poncho with shorts but I wanted to try pair it with my dress to give it more of a stylish rokku/ane style. 

Wanted to get more of a close up of my makeup cause I so loved it! The eye shape just really feels like me. I used the Colourpop palette Fade into Hue and wow, I used a sparkly acid orange colour and the pay off was intense!!! Do recommend this palette, I also used one of the Colourpop glitter gels to give it an extra pop. I think I'm going to wear neon colours from now on 😍

Amy Here~ I wanted to wear this cape as I think it's perfect for Hime πŸ’•. I bought it because it reminded me of a Ma*rs cape, it also has really cute bunny ears on the back of the hood but I had my hair up high so I couldn't show it. To make this coord work I added more pink elements to it with my necklace and La Pafait headpiece. I wore my new blush from Colourpop which I wrote about in our last post, I put on as much as possible πŸ˜‚. I haven't worn Hime in so long and I've really missed wearing all my hair pieces. I wore knitted tights as it's so cold recently ⛄ plus it really adds to the wintery feel.

We both really enjoyed doing this Twin look, it really celebrates our different styles but our common love for Gyaru! Even though we do such different styles we are always looking out for inspo and pieces for each other πŸ’—.

So what do you think? Poncho or Cape?

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Birthday Getssss ♥ ~ lots of Disney, Make up and Missguided

 Hey cuties~!

So as it's our birthday on the 23rd this month, we picked up some gifts for each other and for ourselves πŸ˜› Instead of just waiting for our birthday we thought we give our gifts early throughout the month, so here are some of our gets.

Left to Right: Nightbloom - Desert Rose
Amy here, Colourpop is one of our favourite all time brands (even though we don't live in America and have to pay high shipping) the products are affordable and have high payoff. We both are big fans of blushes and when we saw these first come out a few months ago we really wanted to try them out. Nightbloom is a high lavender pink colour which is perfect for hime gyaru and can be rare to find so it was an obvious choice. Desert Rose is a gorgeous light orange matte with a fine gold glitter in. The glitter isn't that noticeable which a good thing as I'm not into shimmery blushes, it just adds a nice touch. Clairey really has been a fan of orange/peachy blushes in gyaru, it's just so wearable and adds a warm touch.

Now onto Missguided. Clairey here! We plan to use the Playboy necklaces in another twin look, with Amy getting the pink of course. I picked up the bracelet cause I don't actually have many and the extra necklace was pretty and cheap at the time. 

On to all of Disney gets.

Amy here, Winnie the Pooh is one of our favourite characters and we grew up on vhs tapes and storybooks of Winnie the Pooh so when I found this bag I just had to buy it. 🐻 It's made out of faux leather and suede and now I can walk around with my own Hunny pot with Winnie inside. I've just had arrive a Disneyworld Shanghai Winnie the Pooh bag too so watch out for that coming up!

I bought a pair of valentine day ears πŸ’– I love the love heart bow and I just had to get it. These are my first pair of ears I was nervous about collecting them as they seemed small but after Clairey got hers I picked up some of my own.

Finally, we have our joint present to each other. When we saw that Nuimos were coming over to the U.K Disney store we were so excited. We woke up super early to buy them on the release day to make sure we got all the ones we wanted and we succeeded πŸ’–. For those who don't know; Nuimos came from Japan, they're posable plushes that you can dress up and take adorable photos of. Each month they come out with more special outfits too. Since we live together we can share them and decorate our shelves with them πŸ’•. 

So these were our birthday gets, we both have some extra things on the way but we wanted to get this up pronto. Plus Disney has just announced a pets collection so there will be more gets yet πŸ˜‚ 

What's your favourite Disney character?

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Twice as Nice ♥ Twinning Glavil look and Birthday Month~!

Prepare for trouble and make it double~

Hey cuties! 

For a super long time even though we are both into gyaru, it has always been very different styles. So that has always made it hard for us to twin πŸ˜…. But as it's now February, which is our birthday month, we were thinking how this time last year would of been in Disneyland and wanted to do something special for this year too! So this February we are going to do four twinning looks! with the first being this Glavil set 😍

As I said before, we've always been different gyaru styles. With Amy doing more of the hime and girly styles and Clairey firmly set in rokku. But as Amy was searching mercari and fril, she happened to spot the baby pink Glavil hoody (she always looks out for items for Clairey 😭) the wheels started to turn. WE CAN FINALLY TWIN. 

Hey we even pose the same πŸ˜‚ These hoodies are so playful and cute, they even have devil tails on the back of them too, plus they're super comfy. We both had the same idea with outfits wearing shorts and Clairey's Glavil sequin crosses with them which match perfectly in colour. Amy was definitely borrowing a lot from Clairey's collectionπŸ˜…. Glavil is one of Clairey's favourite because it's super cute and playful but rokku. 

Clairey's beloved cross collection πŸ˜‚. We just want to say this collection is years old! The Glavil crosses (to Clairey) are just such an iconic and fun gyaru piece to me. Really is just a perfect finishing touch and make outfits pop πŸ’–

Clairey here! I can be a bit shy of wearing a full block of a bright colour but I love this πŸ’• The hoodie is just fully a dream piece of mine. So rokku it hurts and super cute and playful! I do like my makeup here but I know I wanted to do a light brown to a red colour on the eye but the red doesn't pop as much as I wished it did. Still like it though, as these random Aliexpress lashes on the top are my favourite now.  I went and ordered more for back ups!

I also took a shot with my new Kumatan bag! What a unit this one is πŸ˜‚ I love how fluffy and cute he is 😍

Amy here, I've always loved the baby pink girly Glavil pieces and seeing pictures of Gyarus wearing it back in the 2010s πŸ’–. So that's what I went for, luckily Clairey has a baby pink cross which went perfect. I went for a hot pink lip and wearing scrunchies as bracelets to make it extra girly πŸ’•. This wig is hot pink tipped but it keeps photographing as coral instead oh well πŸ˜….

I also wore my favourite nails that a gyaru in the U.K community made for me years ago but I treasure them so much. I love my Melody and these nails are seriously decorated. 

We have a few more twin looks planned for our birthday month and we can't wait to do them and celebrate! 🍰🍰🍰 We also have something else excited planned hopefully if everything arrives in time. πŸŽ‰

Blog soon xxx