Saturday, 17 April 2021

Leopard Tsyuome Looks & Our Usamimi's Shop Launch!

Hiya cuties πŸ’•

So in one of our recent blog posts we talked about doing a JSG/D.I.A inspired shorts DIY with some cute leopard details which were still working on but Clairey sneaked peaked it in one of our recent looks 😝 

So, naturally we wanted to make some super cute leopard accessories with the short to make it more of a set. We are definitely going to make some legwarmers as the fleece would make them look extra cute and plush but as we got into gyaru in the 2010's era there was only one other accessory we were dying to make!

Usamimi's of course! Big and small we love them all 😍 Usamimi's were such a big trend in the 2010 era we just had to make some. And we had such fun making them we also made a few more for our Etsy shop, Magical Harts. But let's get to the looks first!

Usamimi: Magical Harts
Necklace: Missguided
Cami: Primark
Shorts: Missguided (Thrifted!)
Belt: D.I.A

Amy here, I made this outfit with two themes in mind, leopard and bunny. I wanted to match my usamimi with more leopard print in my outfit as D.I.A features a lot of animal print in their clothing. Then to match my usamimi again I went with my playboy necklace which kind of bring some Y2K vibes which I've been loving. I really love how playful and summery this outfit looks, before I really researched D.I.A, I didn't know they did lighter pieces as well but I saw Yun wearing a light of pieces in egg. These shorts also go perfect with the studded elements and I think I'm going to be wearing them a lot this summer.

Here's my make up, I wanted to wear pure Tsuyome make up and I love how this turned out. I copied this eye make from a shop staff on a D.I.A blog but I can't remember which one it was, she wore a blue eyeliner on top of her black eyeliner and it looked so gorgeous so I had to try it. I went with two other staple make up trends with orange blush once again taken from a D.I.A shop staff and nude lips taken from a Yun make up spread in Egg. I'm really loving doing this make up style it's so perfect for summer and I enjoy getting to express myself in this way. 

Usamimi: Magical Harts
Top: Ghost of Harlem
Belt: D.I.A
Shorts: Offbrand

Clairey here! For me, I wanted to do a casual look with more Rokku themes. I wore my Ghost of Harlem bandana top because I feel it really compliments the D.I.A theme. I really love these D.I.A belts me and Amy managed to get 😭They're just the perfect finishing touch. I can't wait to style my usamimi in more cutesy gyaru ways too!

As we said in the start, we've also made some usamimis for our shop! If you didn't know, we both have an Etsy shop, Magical Harts, where we sell our kawaii handmade accessories, bags and also some enamel pins we have made!

Can you tell we love bears? 🐻

We don't really talk about our shop that much because we feel really shy and awkward promoting it! It is something we really love and are passionate about and are trying to find our voice more πŸ’–

We've designed two sizes. Supersized for your ott kawaii looks and regular for your more cutesy casual looks. We've attached our usamimi's to headbands for ease of wear and can be moved so the ears can be on the side or centre. The usamimis are wired too so they can be moulded and styled in whichever way you want πŸ’–

Our usamimis come in cute different styles 😊 click here to check them all out!

Thank you so much cuties! It feels so nice to share this different side to us too πŸ’•

Clairey and Amy


  1. I checked your store...PLEASE; PLEASE; PLEASE..sell the leopard usamimi T.T

    1. Omggg <3 yes were totally going to make and sell some just waiting on the headbands to arrive. Thank you so much <3

  2. I've seen these super gorgeous pictures in instagram already and I love them!! You both look so good 😻 YES to promote your shop and I stg i need to find the money to buy you some leopard usamimi cuz guys you totally aced the gyaru look on those πŸ™

  3. I used to LIVE for usamimis!!!! You make such adorable ones~♥ I also absolutely love your looks with them too! And that Tsuyome make ;_;♥

  4. Omggg you're killing me with these usamimis! They're so so cute aaaaah I love the check hello kitty one!!!! <3333

  5. How could I not know your great blog yet? I love your DIY! Ω© (♡ Ξ΅ ♡) ΫΆ