Saturday, 26 June 2021

Summer Nostalgia & Neons Twin Gyaru OOTD

 Hey cuties!

How is your hot gal summer going? 🌞Ours is going quite well, it is actually hot in the UK for once and we have both been feeling pretty inspired! We're also both on a Yakuza gaming binge but that isn't really the point of this post 😅

Feeling our own different vibes we did a look with some of the items we bought from Liverpool (you can find the haul post here.)

Outfit Details
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood 
Bracelet: Missguided
Kimono cardigan: Isolated Heroes
Crop top: Hollister
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Vans

Clairey here! 💓 So I was super feeling some nostalgia with wanting to do the cat ear hairstyle that used to be very popular in 2010's and I love it! It feels super cute with the colour of my hair right now. I wanted to push myself and make an outfit around the crop top I got from Hollister. It has such a sexy feel so I wanted embrace that and go for a more dark look wearing my kimono and skirt. Thankfully Amy also lent me her Vivi necklace which really finished the look. I like how the look skirts between casual and a night time look.

For makeup I knew I had to try the pigments we got from Peaches and Cream. I used Snake bite and Rattlesnake together and it gives such a cool green gold grungy look. Both me and Amy were also feeling the nude lip look that was a gyaru staple in the past so used the Peaches and Cream glosses we got too. They're super pigmented and smell so good 😍 Also please remind me I must always wear that lash combo k thx <3 

Outfit Details
Hair clip: H&M
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood 
Necklace: Missguided
Bracelet: Disney Parks
Top: Hollister
Shorts: Hollister

Amy here 💟 I haven't really spoken about it but in the past year I've had a lot of life changes which has empowered me and made me feel more confident 🥳 I've never been a super confident person and I'm more of a quiet person but recently I've been wanting to express my true self more. I think before I hid behind styles and things that felt more safe to me and didn't challenge me. Especially with my body confidence being very low styles like Lolita meant I could hide myself. But now I want to show myself more and express myself in sexier styles like Tsuyome and Agejo. I'm not sure what style you would call this but I'm thinking body confidence summer gyaru beach vibes 🌞 I took inspiration from the casual clothes AV gyaru's would wear to the beach. And of course neon pink hair is 100% me 💕

For make up I took inspiration from AV gyaru again with there use of bold colours and heavy under eye make up. In their make up I've noticed they use a lot of dark black liner and glitter eyeliner underneath.  And a light nude glossy lip is a must too! I also used our new Peaches make up and I wish you could see how glittery they are in person 😎

We've also been busy sewing up a storm for our shop Magical Harts we have uploaded some new usamimis including zebra ones 🦓🦓🦓

So to celebrate self love (even if it took me to 27 to get there) what's one thing you love about yourself? 💖

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Gyaru Magazine Scans Ranzuki 2010 Oct 2010 Part 2

 Hi cuties!

Okay so this post was a long long long time coming since I did part 1 ages ago. 😞 Our scanner broke and I took pictures with our old camera which isn't the best, so I edited them up and they look much better now! 💖

As I've said before, the 2010's era of gyaru is my favourite. Everything it just hyper. Hyper cute, hyper rocky, hyper colourful and hyper sexy! It's the style of gyaru I go for the most and the 2010 gyaru brands are the ones I hunt for 😍

So why don't we start. Oh this post will be picture heavy so please bare in mind.

Okay so please know that the first scan colour isn't off, they did a a vintage sepia tone. All of the outfits are super cute boho themed! I actually find that not all of them scream Autumn for me, but I think that's the fun with gyaru, cute and sexy at all times!

How have I not heard of this cute brand before! It's super cute and I love the dinosaur top! I need to search this brand asap. 

Good old Cocolulu <3 I absolutely love all the makeup and the tan.

I mean seriously! Amazing blushes and also the lash tutorial at the top showing the placing is so helpful.

I adore these tutorials too, from natural to dolly to glamorous. I really want to try following these tutorials.

Street snaps! How cute is the JSG disney collab look? 

That chain print dress! I get so much nostalgia from looking at this. I remember loving it at the time ♥

Omg! The tan girl at the bottom with the pink net top, such goals.

What a great last scan to end with. Really represents the gyaru styles at the time!

I hope you have found this as inspiring as I did. I plan to do some more of my magazines and with my new camera they will be much much better.

What gyaru trend or era is your fave? 💕


Thursday, 17 June 2021

Liverpool Trip Part 2 - Cutest Cafe in Liverpool & Shopping Haul

 Hi cuties!

Now onto part 2 of our Liverpool trip (part 1 here)! After being disappointed by our hotel's breakfast option, we both ventured out into Liverpool to find a better breakfast, a cuter (is that a word?) breakfast. A breakfast that tastes good and looks good! And luckily we just happened upon Cafe Sass.

You can see why it caught our eye. It honestly is such a pink floral paradise. The staff were straight away so lovely and offered to take as many pictures as you wanted so you can get the perfect selfie whilst you were there. What angels 😭💖

Check Amy's cute new Tommy Jeans tee! 😍 She totally bought this the day before...

We were sat in this beautiful booth that was like a cave of flowers and then this amazing neon light 💕 We wish we took more photos of the inside because it is so gorgeous but we were so awestruck 😅😂 You can see more of the inside on their Insta

Beloved food pics on a full glass flower table! They really have a knack for the details. Clairey had French toast with Nutella ganache, fresh berries and whipped vanilla ricotta with a raspberry jaff frappe. They put little pansies and gold dust on the food 💖 it tasted so so good but we had to make sure I got good pictures before we ate cause they looked so good. Amy had Smashed Avo, which is avocado and poached egg, coriander and fresh chilli on toasted sourdough. Amy, being the millennial she is, this is her go to breakfast and she said she hasn't had better!

Amy also had a Lucky Charm Latte which is a pink latte topped with Lucky Charms 😍 It was so cute to each the Lucky Charms first. 

Love the emoji art too 💕

They also gave us this little goodie bag with a bamboo cutlery set as they just recently opened. I love that it's pink and it's now in my handbag.

Overall, we really enjoyed our food, the cafe looks amazing and is totally affordable too. We super recommend it if you go to Liverpool.

After breakfast we headed into the city to do some shopping. For the rest of our trip in Liverpool we visited the museum and gallery which was lovely but most of the trip was spent shopping 😂 So now onto our haul with Amy's half first.

So starting with the big gets, Amy saved up after doing lots of overtime and bought her dream jewellery. She was eyeing those earrings for a while and then when we went to buy them what do we see at the bottom of the case but this gorgeous giant necklace 😅 It's such a statement piece and Clairey helpfully pointed it out too. 

These cute clips from H&M are perfect for pink hair.

We randomly popped into Hollister and they had some really fun tie dye pieces and shorts which Amy picked up. We haven't really heard of Hollister before or what kind of reputation it has, but the clothing is super cute and fun.

Clairey also got something from Hollister too. She picked up this adorable knitted/crocheted top! It's apparently reversible but it shows all the seams and like no 😬 But it's super cute otherwise! She also picked up this clip set from H&M which is the first time we've both been in their shops for years!

She also got this twin pack of tops from TK Maxx, totally cute and for both was £12. Just a nice summer staple. 

We also both hit up the Disney store because it had been too long 😭 and they were having a sale on their beach towels so Clairey picked one up. It's totally creased from being in the case but look how dreamy and cute it is! She's totally planning to not use it for a towel but like display somehow?

This was Clairey's big spend! Her shoes she wore there were totally falling apart and uncomfortable 👿 so off to VANS we went! We used to have VANS back in our emo school days but never thought really to go back? 😅 We both live in trainers (and Doc's) and are super glad we went in. These shoes are ridiculously comfy. 

Just a few days after we got back VANS decided to do their summer sale 💀 which we guess kind of sad cause Clairey's shoes were discounted after paying full price but it means Amy got to pick up a cute pair online in pink, ahem I mean PANK.

There so cute and very Amy-ish. Gives us Y2K and comfort vibes.

We so enjoyed our time at Liverpool and was nice to just relax and shop! We just did a look yesterday in some of our gets and can't wait to show 😊

Did you get any good buys lately?

Amy and Clairey xoxo

Monday, 14 June 2021

Liverpool Trip Part 1 - Travelling and Peaches and Cream

 Hey cuties

We've just recently came back from our trip to Liverpool city to celebrate Clairey finishing her exams and a much needed holiday for Amy! We always wanted to go to Liverpool as it's a massive city for shopping, dining out and it's culture. It's also our first trip away for a very long time too and luckily we had the sun 🌞

With all the stress of travelling down (it's a long trip) we forgot to get proper outfit photos but snapped these ones quickly. Amy bought these matching sequin heart kimonos from the Scottish independent brand Isolated Heroes ðŸ’• Because the kimonos can be worn day and night Clairey went for a more casual look and Amy went for a pink Y2K look. 

As we said before it took a few trains to get to Liverpool, but we still managed to get in some cute selfies! For our make up this time, we wanted to still do gyaru but without the under-lashes as we were going to do full long days in a heatwave. We watched one of Emiriichu's tutorials where she showed how she did he lower eye shape and loved it. So thank you Emi for the tips 💖

Look at Clairey's magical girl mask, so cute! It was a gift but I think you can find it on Etsy 💟

Very pink Very Amy 😂

Once we arrived in Liverpool and dropped off our bags at the hotel we went straight to Peaches and Cream, an amazing independent make up company and salon known for their amazing colourful pigments. (Image taken from their Facebook) 

It's even more colourful and fabulous inside 💖 We wish we took more pictures instore because it was just a cute colourful paradise. The staff were so lovely and sweet and couldn't do enough for you. They do loads and loads of different bundles as you can see which is extra nice on my purse! We already had quite the shopping list prepared for Peaches so we went straight to business 😂

Another thing we HAVE to mention is their packaging! All of the pigments are packaged in the cutest print boxes and they have limited edition boxes too which we got two of as they didn't have the pastel box the first time we visited, so the lovely staff gave us the doll case which is straight on our vanity 💄

We picked up two glosses and their glitter pigment eye primer, an eyeliner and pigment drops too. Pretty much the whole kit and some brushes too but they're already packed away 😅 The shop staff advised us on which eye brushes to pick up (which they also had a bundle for) and when we used them the next day they were amazing. 

Onto swatches, it was a perfect sunny day and the glitter and reflect were so blinding in the sun. 😍 We also took some videos for Tiktok that show of just how sparkly they are in real life. From left to right we have:

She's All That, Rattle Snake, Snake Bite, Pool Party, Planet Peach, Disco, Gatsby, Night Fever and Pixie (Iridescent shimmer so it was hard to get a true photo of it but it's gorgeous)

We bought Disco and Gatsby (Silver and Gold) as we think they'll be perfect for the undereye highlight glitter that you see in AV gyaru make a lot. Clairey couldn't choose between Rattle Snake and Snake bite so we went back and got both! We both love Pool Party which is a perfect blue teal with a gold reflect and Planet Peach as they are just made for summer. We cannot wait to do a look with these shadows but onto the glosses!

From left to right there is: 

Bellini, Flamingo, Shimmy, Tease and Back Chat

We previously bought the 3 peach toned glosses before but wanted to show them off as they're perfect for summer. Bellini and Shimmy have a gorgeous glitter in them too. We both love Tease and Back Chat, even though there similar their undertones just give such a different look. They smell amazing without being over powering. You can build up the coverage too so they're cute for daily wear or built up for full colour.

Clairey also bought this hoodie from Peaches and Cream which were all hand tie dyed with each hoodie being different from the other. She picked this one as it was the most rainbow coloured and it's super soft and cosy. So nice for the cooler nights and you know Clairey's wearing it for fall too. 

We also picked up the Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor moisturiser which is so good we super recommend it and wish we bought it sooner 💖 It has SPF 30 in which makes it handy for summer. Amy bought a new hair dye too but used it after taking this photo and doesn't recommend it 😕

Anyways blog soon cuties 💖 Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather ⛅ In our next Liverpool post we will have our shopping haul and boy did we go to town! 😉😘

Amy & Clairey xxx