Saturday, 26 June 2021

Summer Nostalgia & Neons Twin Gyaru OOTD

 Hey cuties!

How is your hot gal summer going? 🌞Ours is going quite well, it is actually hot in the UK for once and we have both been feeling pretty inspired! We're also both on a Yakuza gaming binge but that isn't really the point of this post πŸ˜…

Feeling our own different vibes we did a look with some of the items we bought from Liverpool (you can find the haul post here.)

Outfit Details
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood 
Bracelet: Missguided
Kimono cardigan: Isolated Heroes
Crop top: Hollister
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Vans

Clairey here! πŸ’“ So I was super feeling some nostalgia with wanting to do the cat ear hairstyle that used to be very popular in 2010's and I love it! It feels super cute with the colour of my hair right now. I wanted to push myself and make an outfit around the crop top I got from Hollister. It has such a sexy feel so I wanted embrace that and go for a more dark look wearing my kimono and skirt. Thankfully Amy also lent me her Vivi necklace which really finished the look. I like how the look skirts between casual and a night time look.

For makeup I knew I had to try the pigments we got from Peaches and Cream. I used Snake bite and Rattlesnake together and it gives such a cool green gold grungy look. Both me and Amy were also feeling the nude lip look that was a gyaru staple in the past so used the Peaches and Cream glosses we got too. They're super pigmented and smell so good 😍 Also please remind me I must always wear that lash combo k thx <3 

Outfit Details
Hair clip: H&M
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood 
Necklace: Missguided
Bracelet: Disney Parks
Top: Hollister
Shorts: Hollister

Amy here πŸ’Ÿ I haven't really spoken about it but in the past year I've had a lot of life changes which has empowered me and made me feel more confident πŸ₯³ I've never been a super confident person and I'm more of a quiet person but recently I've been wanting to express my true self more. I think before I hid behind styles and things that felt more safe to me and didn't challenge me. Especially with my body confidence being very low styles like Lolita meant I could hide myself. But now I want to show myself more and express myself in sexier styles like Tsuyome and Agejo. I'm not sure what style you would call this but I'm thinking body confidence summer gyaru beach vibes 🌞 I took inspiration from the casual clothes AV gyaru's would wear to the beach. And of course neon pink hair is 100% me πŸ’•

For make up I took inspiration from AV gyaru again with there use of bold colours and heavy under eye make up. In their make up I've noticed they use a lot of dark black liner and glitter eyeliner underneath.  And a light nude glossy lip is a must too! I also used our new Peaches make up and I wish you could see how glittery they are in person 😎

We've also been busy sewing up a storm for our shop Magical Harts we have uploaded some new usamimis including zebra ones πŸ¦“πŸ¦“πŸ¦“

So to celebrate self love (even if it took me to 27 to get there) what's one thing you love about yourself? πŸ’–


  1. I love the cat ear hairstyle and really miss it! Maybe I'll try doing it again some time soon <3
    I need one of those usamimi! So freaking cute! <333
    One thing I love about myself is... my eyes C: But because I like my natural eye shape a lot, it sometimes holds me back from experimenting with gyaru make!

    1. It is such a cute gyaru staple from 2010's ^^ makes me nostalgic. And thank you so much, that means so much <3

      Aww that's lovely! I think eyes are what I first look at on a person c:

  2. You both look absolutely stunning!!!! Your eye makes are just beautiful! Also I do remember the cat ear style XD

    1. Thank you so much darling <3 Your always the sweetest! And yess, I'm glad I tried the cat ear style ^^ it's off my gyaru bucket list haha