Thursday, 22 July 2021

Cowboys and Playboys - Hot Gyaru Summer OOTD

Hi cuties!

Omg the sun has gone crazy and has finally had it and decided to burn us all 🌞 

So it's been 30c (86f) in the UK lately for the last week and were both pretty done with it! We don't mind some heat but this is too much 😩 

Any who... We both have totally been feeling the hot gyaru summer vibes and finally had the time to get all gyaru'd up. 

Outfit Rundown
Wig: Wigisfashion
Dress: Asos
Necklace: Glavil by Tutuha

Non southern belle looking for her John Wayne 🤠

Clairey here. Okay well now that is out the way, I've totally been digging animal prints lately. From leopard to zebra to cow! I had been searching on Ebay for a while for a nice cow-print number (trying to be more sustainable but also save moneys) and when I saw this one, my cowboy dreams could come true! Super western vibes so I had to match it with my makeup. I used the Cactus pigment from Peaches Makeup (which is from their western line) and I super love it. Green is one of my favourite colours anyway, but I was a little nervous using such a dark colour! In the end I think it worked out super well 💖

Outfit Rundown
All from Missguided!

Amy here! As I mentioned before, I've been feeling more comfortable and confident in myself which has pushed me to dress the way I want too more. I never would of wore a bikini top like this before but being pink and Y2K style it's perfect to me. I also love wearing all pink outfits 💖 I love this whole collection too and the shorts are so comfy and covered in the Playboy logo.

I've also continued experimenting with my make up, gyaru make up is so personal to yourself and I really enjoy trying different lashes and liner styles. I carried on my journey with my inspiration from AV gal with heavy eyeliner and glitter. I think I found my eye make staple 💕 However I was looking at some of my earlier photos and I want my large lashes back and then it will be all perfect 😂 I wanted to carry on the pink ofc with my lip colour so I went for a neutral eye. Also I got some new cute nails which I never took any nice photos of oh well 😅

Well were both back at it with our different vibes again, it truly is hard for us to twin even though we are twins 😅

If your in the UK we hope your surviving and possibly thriving in this heat wave! 

Until the next post sweeties

Clairey and Amy xoxo