Saturday, 21 August 2021

Knitpocalypse Wearing Everything I've made

 Hello cuties~!

In the knitting community there is a conversation about not wearing your knits because you don't feel worth it or you keep putting it off because *insert excuse here*. I'm super guilty of this myself and have been inspired by the positive posts saying just go for it and wear the knit! Also I've had such lovely πŸ’– comments from all of you about my knits and it really urged me to pull them all out of the wardrobe and try them all on! πŸ’₯

Here we go 🌞 All of my knits are summer knits and are also by Jessie Maed This was a really fun knit as it was a secret knit a long! Basically there wasn't any photos of what the final garment looked like so it was all a surprise 🎁

These were my two first knits. I made them the normal length in the pattern so they ended up super short on me πŸ˜‚. I'm tall (6ft1) so sometimes things end up not fitting right πŸ˜…. I made them with cheap yarn as well because I was always making mistakes haha.

Of course I had to make a set in all pink πŸŽ€

Hello knit that I still haven't woven in the ends. I finally realized after making multiple of these knits that I'd been making myself too big of a size so Clairey has a new top that she'll have to weave in now πŸ’•.

Onto the camis, whenever you knit a pattern for the first time and you knit it longer you're always in a battle of yarn chicken (Making sure you have enough to finish the pattern) so I kept going back and forth wondering if I used too much 😬. It ended up totally fine though!

This knit has glitter throughout it so its shines beautiful in the sun ⭐ It reminds me of those ice cream lollies. I just wanted to do fun make up so went for lime green πŸ’š

Last one is with a yarn my older sister bought me πŸ’œ

 I'm so glad I did this and wore literally everything in one day. I kept putting it off but they're so easy to wear and I think I forgot about them all tucked away but now I have these photos to remind me πŸ“Έ

Also big thankyou for Clairey to for taking all these photos for me it was very funny with all the quick changes πŸ˜‚

This photo is also here to remind me not to buy any more yarn, this is just my 4 ply weight not including all the doubles I have of these yarns too and the other yarn weights I have woops. The cones are the equivalent of 5 of the camis on one cone 😬

In other news, yesterday I went through the mystery box of Golds Infinity I ordered and I'm so happy 😭 Hopefully I have time this weekend to film a video πŸ’–

After doing this post I can only say just go for it and wear it!

Blog soon lovelies xx

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Getting Back to Rokku + New Nails~

 Hi darlings!

How are you all doing? I'm doing a lot better as I finally got my exam results 😌 and there all good! I passed them both. I'm so so relieved, now I can move onto the next thing in life without worrying. 

I noticed lately I've been doing a lot of pastel cutesy looks, which I do love but whenever I think of myself I think rokku or something with an edge! I guess this is what summer does to me, but I felt like I wanted to do a look that was rokku with a capital R

Outfit Rundown 
Wig - Lush Wigs
Necklaces - Glavil by Tutuha
Top - ANAP
Belt - ASOS
Skirt - Topshop

Who knew that ANAP did clothes that fit rokku? Whenever I think of ANAP, I think neon kuro gyaru style. I think I saw this top randomly on Rakuten and got it for 300 yen. It sits happily in my wardrobe with all my other Union Jack items. Seriously, I must have over seven pieces πŸ˜‚. I super enjoyed doing this look πŸ’– I def missed rokku Clairey. I went for a cool toned theme matching the colour of the wig and styled chains throughout. Going back to the wig though, I love the blue and the rusty pink colours but wasn't sure on the fringe style that seems popular now but I think it worked out. Just not something I've tried before πŸ˜›πŸ˜…

For make I wanted to do a nude sparkly glossy like eye and a green teal smudged out eyeliner. Teal is seriously one of my favourite colours πŸ’š I also used Viva Glam 2 by MAC which is this gorgeous muted nude which help keep a cool toned monotone look.

I also paired my zebra usamimi with this look and it gives it way more of a fun feel~! I'm not sure which I prefer! Zebra usamimi or no zebra usamimi πŸ¦“. We currently only have one regular and one supersized zebra usamimi's left in our shop Magical Harts πŸ’• if you're interested ^^

Twinny Amy also treated us both to acrylic nails as nice treat after having loads of hours at her job 😞. I chose this design~  Something fun but also stylish with the gold glitter.

Amy had to go shorter and more low key for her nails because of work but she went for this cute geode inspired design and obviously because it's Amy it's pink πŸ˜‚πŸ’–

To finish off I just had to share this pic I snapped of our dog Archie πŸ’“it really shows of his personality~

Blog soon xxx

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Tie Dye Playboy Haul OOTD & Kawaii Kuji Gets~

     Hi cuties!

So if you didn't know from the last post; Amy and I are trying something new with the blog which is splitting our posts up instead of posting (cramming) them both together in the hopes that the post wont be too heavy and you'll be able to get to know both of us each more πŸ’–

 So today it's my turn!

Life for me recently has been pretty good. I'm waiting for my exam results πŸ˜– but I'm trying not to worry and keep positive about them and have been doing some clear outs and sewing things for our shop Magical Harts.

I saw Missguided were running a sale so I picked up two things I had my eye on for a while. πŸ‘€ I got a fleece sweater dress which I'm saving for Autumn and a beachy tie dye t shirt dress cause it totally goes with the hot gyaru summer vibes πŸ’•

I couldn't wait to do a coord with tie dye so made up an coord straight away with a beachy theme.

Outfit Breakdown
Fluffy clips - ASOS
Necklace - Missguided
Top - Missguided
Shorts - Offbrand 

As I said before, I focused the look around this cute pastel tie dye top. I've really been loving beachy vibes this summer even though I live no where near a beach. 😭 I had to find out these fluffy clips my twin bought as they matched the top perfectly. 😍 I do really like this look <3 I feel like I have two sides, this cute playful side and an alternative side that seems to just come out in Autumn/Winter! But this look totally made me feel 2010s OTT cutesy gyaru vibes! 

For my eye make I wanted to play with the blue and peachy pinks off the top. WE HAVE A COLOUR THEME PEOPLE! However, I think I got worried the colour wasn't showing properly and the peach went into more of a strong pink. But that doesn't mean I don't like this make! I totally adore these new top lashes I got randomly from AliExpress. I think most of the lashes I use now are from there! It's a great money saving trick, but sometimes it totally is hit and miss. ⛔ 

I must also confess. Mine and Amy's kuji addiction is still ongoing. Those sanrio kuji's just get us man. 

First off I got me and Amy some cute gets from the Sumikkogurashi kuji which was all summer and fruits based. How cute is this cup! Looks just like an ice cream soda πŸ’– Also getting this fan was so helpful during the heatwave. I managed to win Amy this cup and a fan too because you know, twins...

Finally I entered the My Melody and Kuromi go Traveling kuji! I won a My Melody bin which I'll give to Amy as I'm more of a Kuromi person. πŸ˜› I also won both a Kuromi and My Melody accessory traveling box! The back of the lid is a mirror and you can slot it into the box and I can totally see me using it to get all ready and do my makeup in the mirror. The accessory boxes are also just the perfect size, being roomy enough to fit stuff in but it won't take up too much room in your case. 

We still have some ichiban kuji on the way too πŸ˜…

I hope you cuties are all doing well πŸ’– Please tell us what you think about us splitting our posts up instead of posting them together when they might not match?

Clairey xxx

Monday, 2 August 2021

Accidental Rokku and Colourful Knits.

 Hi cuties πŸ’– 

How is everyone? 

We're trying something different and doing separate posts instead of cramming both of our posts together so you can find out what has been going on in each of our life's more. But recently my life has just been work 😭 University has broken up so we've lost some people at work which meant I've been getting a lot more hours. But I recently had a day off and managed to put on some make up and feel more like myself aha.

 I talked in the past about buying some summer items second hand, but then we didn't have the proper weather to wear them until now, so I dug through my wardrobe to find out my buys. One of them was a pair of shorts with neon metallic paint splatters on them, which I think would be good for a colourful tsuyome look. However thanks to my twins influence it turned into a rokku look! 

 Outfit Breakdown
Choker: Missguided
Top: Glad news
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Belt: Asos
Shorts: Asos Second Hand 

I started this coord with the shorts first and built it from there. I knew my other D.I.A belts wouldn't go with it so I pulled my clear chain belt instead. I think it really goes as you can see the pattern of the shorts through it. πŸ’– To match the shorts again, I chose a denim choker that I bought especially for Tsuyome looks after seeing Yun wear denim bangles with her D.I.A looks in Egg. But then I had to figure out a top to go with it and Clairey suggested her top from Glad news so it became a Rokku look instead πŸ˜‚ I decided to wear my new pendant necklace from Vivienne Westwood for the first time to finish the look. I really like this coord and it's nice to try something different.  I think if I wore a black Cami instead and my 2010s style split wig it could of worked as Tsuyome as well. It's nice to have versatile pieces!

I'm so happy as I now believe I've perfected what I want my eye make shape to be. πŸ’– For a while I moved away from big lashes and tried lots of new things, which led me to find heavy under eye make with glitter eyeliner. Finally, when paired with my large lashes I found the perfect mix for me. I also went bigger with my eyeshadow as well so it shows up more through my big lashes. πŸ˜‚ Years ago, when I first came to gyaru, I got the advice with eye make to just go bigger and I really think it's true. When you first try gyaru make up its easy to get nervous and go small and that was something I did a lot. Practice and trying EVERYTHING helps though because then you find what clicks for you! πŸ’•I used a natural lip and orange blusher to finish, as I was wearing a hot pink eye.

Other than work, I've been knitting! More Ripple Bralettes of course as it's a great pattern and I really love the fit. It's a simple nice relaxing pattern to knit. I made this with two yarns Clairey bought me which were dyed by two different dyers but somehow ended going perfectly together! 😁 I knitted with a mohair held together with the main yarn which makes the knit so silky soft and plush. It also has a really nice halo fluffy effect too. I made this one longer, but crossed the straps again for a 2000s style. I plan to wear this with a large cardigan and jeans in the Autumn and I'm already knitting the next one when I haven't even woven in the ends of this one woops πŸ˜…

But how could I not with this yarn! I got inspired by Clairey's neon knit and had to get some neon colours for myself. 🌈 It's a boucle yarn so its wavy with cute little slubs on it which makes it very comfy and textured. Since I've been working a lot more I've made extra sure to try and do relaxing things like knitting but also going out to eat and grabbing sweet treats when I can 🍫

My life has been kind of full of work recently so not as much fun stuff but hey it all helps out! More money for Gyaru haha. 

Blog soon 
Amy xxx