Sunday, 5 September 2021

Last of the Summer Sun, Life Updates and My New Kawaii Clock

 Hey cuties!

So I've been a bit quiet and not posting much recently as I've been pretty busy myself lately. I've been getting ready and making sure I have everything sorted as I have a new job! 😮 The induction went well and the people seem really nice there, so I'm sure I will settle in well. Wish me luck for my first day on Monday!

In other news it seems like Summer has ended in the UK 😔 the warm weather seems long gone now but I did do a look that really celebrates summer that I haven't had the chance to blog about until now. I wanted to do something that had a fun beachy feel but also feminine!

Outfit Rundown
Earrings - ASOS
Necklace - MA*RS
Top - Hollister
Skirt - Primark

So from head to toe I really wanted to give warm summer beach feels! 🌴 I built the look around this fun pastel tie dye skirt. I had my 👀 on this skirt for such a long time and finally snatched it up! I knew I could just go a super casual feel with this look but I've been doing that a lot lately so wanted to change it up by doing something more sexy! I went into Amy's jewellery hoard and found this amazing OTT MA*RS necklace and just went from there! 

Makeup wise I chose gorgeous burnt oranges and pinks to give a sunset feels on my eyes. 🌞 I paired some super fluffy lashes and again pink for the lips to keep the theme going~

Also I wanted to show you guys my new totally adorable Kirby clock! I won it from the Kirby Sweet Moments kuji. My dream of a fully kawaii home continues 😂

I hope all of you have been doing well 💖 Are you super excited Autumn is coming? Or missing the sun already?👻

Clairey xxx