Tuesday, 11 January 2022

New Years Gyaru Resolutions & Red Dress Red Vibes Look

 Hi there cuties!!! How are you all?

It feels like it's been so long! 😭 I've been taking more responsibility on at work and were both working more hours now because we work in retail and it was the run up to Christmas and even new years! 😂😅 So that being said, we haven't had a lot of time to do gyaru; however, it is now became part of our self care in a way! Time that is for us to do what we love and enjoy and remind us who we are other than work. I can imagine that this is what gyaru is to a lot of other people to 💖 As in using it for self care too and being truly who you are 

So when I had some days off I made sure to get all gyaru'd up! I knew I wanted to try on my new dress I bought and had also been dying to wear one my eyeshadow pigments that I knew would match 💕

Outfit Rundown
Necklace - Glavil
Shrug Faux Fur - Dialle Laisen
Dress - Missguided
Belt - D.I.A

I super love this look! 💖 I've been really feeling more of a dark rokku vibe, well more ane gyaru so I was super happy that the feel I wanted came through. I have been feeling lately I do like to go for a more mature ane gyaru look too as well as rokku. This dress is now one of my favourites ever. It is so flattering 💗 All of the accessories and the shrug came together quickly too, the fluffy shrug is just so comfy too! 

I've been dying to use this eyeshadow pigment from peaches and cream (Madmoiselle) which is super sparkly and duo chrome red/orange for a while 😍 but as you can see, it wont always match every look. So this look was just the perfect storm! So many things just going together. I kept the rest of the makeup pretty simple using a gold pigment (Gatsby) also by peaches and cream for the eye highlight and a redish nude for lips.

So with it now being quite into January I guess we will share our gyaru new years resolutions quite late 😅 We don't make our resolutions a strict thing, just something more for fun and non pressured, I think we will be more likely to achieve them that way! 

💖 Try more darker eye shadow colours! - I think I get nervous I'll go wrong or they'll end up smudgy but I super want to try.

💖 Wear gyaru casually more. - I think now that I'm working more I'm getting sad I can't really spend big chunks of time getting ready and enjoying my slow process of dressing up gyaru. So I want to try more casual coords and wear them more often so I still feel gyaru <3

💖 Get some Tutuha goggles. - Okay maybe this is just a dream for me but I will still dream!!!


💖 Wear Agejo more! - So Amy's boom recently really has been agejo! And with her buying that huge random lot of Golds Infinity clothing she really wants to spend time making coords and exploring agejo more.

💖 Make more time for gyaru. - Just like me we both have been working more so she wants to make sure she schedules more time in just for gyaru.

What are your gal new years resolutions?

Blog soon 
Clairey xxx