Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Throwback Christmas Gyaru Meet Look, Gyaru brand Haul and Our Current Knits~

Hello cuties!

 We're back with another throwback post! One that is almost 3 months late πŸ˜ƒ! Well, we added in some more recent things at the end but we want to do our Disney posts once we have all the photos together. So hopefully that would be up soon. Also, would anyone like to see a Disney haul or travel tips as well? We got some real cute things 😘

Back in December, Cyber (our gyarusa), had a Christmas party meet where we got to know the other Gals so much more and played games and drank of course. It was so much fun πŸ’• After doing our make up with Peg previously and realising we (Clairey) likes to take our sweet time doing make up, we decided to do our make up and hair before the meet πŸ˜…. It also made it easier with Amy doing her hair pieces too. With it being an international circle the meet ended late at night so we took some quick photos beforehand. 

Clairey here! πŸ’— For our meet we had a theme of "Christmas party" so that instantly makes me think of sparkles! Since I have my pink hair and borrowed my twins gorgeous suede hot pink jacket, I kept my makeup simple but super pink. I really do adore my hair now, do you know that feeling when you land on something and your like, yep that's me? Well thats how it feels 😍. To finish off the look I added my twin's Playboy necklace, my silver chain belt and my fuzzy leopard beret. It can pretty handy having a twin who's wardrobe you can steal πŸ’—

Beret - Ebay
Necklace - Missguided
Jacket - ASOS
Top - Missguided
Belt - ASOS

Amy here, I went for a cosy Hime/Agejo look for our Christmas meet instead of a super sparkly party outfit like Clairey! I went for a neutral eye to make the lipstick the main focus and of course it had to pink πŸ’–. I started to do heavier black liner for my eye make and I much prefer that eyeshape on meπŸ’•. I haven't worn my Prisila pieces in so long so it felt nice to wear them again. I went for the classic long princess bump hairstyle πŸ‘‘.

Hair bow, Belt and Necklace: Ma*rs
Jumper: River Island
Skirt: Metamorphose

I really loved dressing in a cute girly style again, I actually quite missed it. I'm not sure if its more hime or agejo but I went for a winter princess feel πŸŽ€. After collecting all these pieces. I was so excited to wear all my Ma*rs perfume jewellery together. I also continued my tall trick of wearing a Lolita skirt as a mini skirt, if it works it works πŸ˜‚. Also this coord was so HOT I ended up taking of my hair pieces near the end as it was too much but it was nice while it lasted.

Back in December we also bought a few pieces of our fellow UK gal Risa! Clairey got an ANAP jumper and a Glad news top she previously sold to Risa in the first place πŸ˜‹. Amy bought a Datura crochet jumper cover up as well, which she loves and will be perfect for Spring. She also included these Ma*rs lashes!

Back to current times, (lol like we are time traveling :P) we both finished off another bralette each (Amy's is the neon Clairey's is the blue) they have criss cross straps as we prefer the look πŸ’– Amy has recently lost weight so none of her knits fit her anymore πŸ˜– so now she has had to start knitting new pieces all over again! So once we finished these knits, we hoped straight onto the next project!

When knitting we love either listening to podcasts or watching TV, we've been watching Pam & Tommy recently and it is wild! We're only a few episodes in so we haven't seen the fallout of it yet but so far it's been good.

Hope everyone has a good week so far! What do you do to relax?

Blog soon Cuties

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Throwback Post - Sakurina Makeup Challenge

Hi cuties!

We just got back from our Disneyworld holiday of our dreams which really helped rejuvenate us and inspired us to again follow our passions which means, making more time for gyaru and blogging! So, with that being said... We totally had some amazing looks and things we've been meaning to post about and I guess there's no time like the present 😊

Our new gyaru-sa Cyber which is an international gal circle aiming to connect gyarus and gyaruo from all around the world πŸŒπŸ’– had a makeup challenge featuring two looks! One from Ranzuki and one from Ageha with Sakurina. So of course we chose Sakurina πŸ’“

We love the eyeshadow quad she uses, we already use pink a lot in our own eye make looks so it was a perfect fit. 

And this was the result, I love seeing how we both interpret the same make up look differently. We both also tried to match our hair a bit as well to the prompt with Clairey doing the bump and Amy matching (half) the hair colour. πŸ’‡

Amy here πŸ’œ I loved doing the pink smokey eye and new straight away that I could match it to my new Golds Infinity dress. I didn't have the perfect match for the lips so went for a pink instead. Of course I had to also do my under eye glitter to make it still feel like me. I also brought the colour onto my under eye as well which I think I will continue doing πŸ’– It's really fun to experiment with eye make.

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Dress: Golds Infinity
Purse: Glamorous Jane
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Asos

I just had to match this dress to Sakurina's smokey eye look. I love dark agejo coords and the mock suspender tights finish off the outfit perfectly. The sleeves are so dramatic and floaty with the lace which I love.

Clairey here πŸ’˜Sakurina is one of my top inspiring gyaru models to me πŸ’—. She was the rokku queen and I'd always be so excited to go find all the ageha pics to see what looks she did. I matched my hair by doing a lil quiff bump which felt very 2000s to me πŸ˜‚ I made my smokey eye more on the purple-ish side and used metallics to give it more of an edge! I super loved this look. Made me feel my best rokku self πŸ˜‚πŸ’– For sure brought out the confidence in me ^^

Necklace - Glavil by Tutuha
Top - Glad News
Belt - ASOS
Shorts - Offbrand
Tights - Snag Tights
Boots - ASOS

I found some of my core rokku pieces to make Sakurina proud 😜 this knit top by Glad News has an open knit so you can see what is underneath which gives it a sexy vibe! Definitely one of my fave coords. These mock garter tights in fishnet too, 😍 a dream. 

Had to share this shot of my nails too! Custom by Lhouraii πŸ’– I adore Kuromi so much! Also the pink and purples in on the nails matches it to the makeup~

Hope you have all been well~ We're working on going through all our Disney photos which may take a while 😡

Blog soon xxx