Sunday, 24 April 2022

Batman and Spring Sujimori Coords~

Hello cuties,

Before we get into Batman, recently Amy has been styling some wigs after buying a new beautiful lace front with tinsel in it. Amy wanted to style it perfect for Tsuyome and looked at a lot of Black Diamond gyarus so it would go perfect with her new D.I.A pieces ⭐. After looking through our Ageha's she settled on something inspired by this. 

We haven't styled wigs before though so Amy found on older wig to practice on first. She found one of the first wigs we ever bought and chose to do a Hime bump hair style 👑. 

Amy didn't take many photos but did send a few to Clairey while it was in process. After watching some YouTube tutorials, she started to have a play around. Though it isn't perfect, she's really happy with the result and learnt a lot in the process 💖. Watching a video is one thing but actually practicing and learning the way you like to do things is even better. It really taught her exactly what she needed to do for the next wig.

And this is the final result! The wig is a gorgeous ombre with gold tinsel running though. It's also very thick so it didn't have to be completely to one side swept over. The tips I would give is to thoroughly section before you start backcombing, watch Jaymes Mansfield on Youtube for wig tips, try it on as you go and be patient! To get that strand sujimori look you need to take small sections at a time and slick the ends with hairspray one by one. For sujimori tips there is so many resources out there with magazines and youtube videos 📹. 

After Amy finished her wig in the morning we joined on for a chill make up call with our long lost twin Katbat 😂Who we recently got to know more, she's an absolute angel and more of a twin with Clairey than Amy is 🤣. Peg and Kohi also joined in later on and it was so nice to do and just chat and chill 💄 We just had to wear our new gets as well which is where Batman comes in 🦇

Outfit Rundown
Hat - Disneyworld
Jewellery - Glavil by Tutuha
Hoodie - Ghost of Harlem
Dress - JSG
Shoes - Ego

Nananananananana Clairey 💛 Okay you get the joke! So recently I've be on a mega JSG boom -okay so not recently, but now more than ever! I've literally be scouring the JSG shop blogs and it makes so happy. JSG was really in when I got into gyaru and I was always attracted to the bright colours 😍. So when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it!!! It is such an iconic piece to me and as I am quite tall I kind of assumed this was like a babydoll and would be a top to me but it's actually a maxi so fits me well! 😭 I planned the look really around the JSG dress and wanted to give super rokku vibes. Everything seem to come together nicely, and I can't wait for more warm weather so I can wear this baby more.

Lmao so ignore that my cross necklace is getting eaten up by my bewbs. For makeup I really wanted to go for that 2009-2010 super colourful fun rokku makeup! I went with a neon chartreuse eyeshadow from the Norvina Vol 4 pallete and paired it with some super colourful blush, another makeup trend I loved back then. Just everything loud and colour okay? 🌈

Outfit Rundown 
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Top & Belt: D.I.A
Shorts & Shoes: Primark

Amy here, Like Clairey, tsuyome and D.I.A are my current boom but actually always has been but never really went for it until now, secret boom 😂. Clairey has always known about my love for it and bought me this top to celebrate us being made permanent at our job and I love it so much, the sleeves are gorgeous and so floaty. I went for an all white outfit and I really like how it all went together especially with my colourful hair 💕.  

I wore a bikini top with this look as this top is so sheer inspired by the metallic D.I.A bras and it makes it so summery 🌞. Also I'm really happy with how my eye make turned out, I think I've found what I love and feels like me. I went with classic golds and browns to balance the hair. But I'm so happy with how the wig turned out, the volume and the flicks are just how I wanted them. Also it was super windy that day and it survived it like nothing happened ⛅. This feels like my ultimate gyaru and is where I want to keep on going so look out for more tsuyome looks from me 🌟

Let's all cross our fingers that more warm weather keeps coming. I just need to switch my gyaru wardrobe from winter to spring now 😂.

Blog soon xoxo
Amy & Clairey 

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