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Disneyworld Florida Birthday Trip - Art Festival & Magical Kingdom

 Hello cuties πŸ’–

 This post has been a long time coming! For our birthday this year we had a twin trip to Disney World Florida for 11 days πŸ˜­πŸ’—. We booked it pretty last minute (for a Disney trip that is) with just 3 months to go and managed to squeeze it in right over our birthday. It's our second twin trip to Disney World Florida, so from last time we knew we wanted to super plan in advance, like find out what restaurants we would like, see what special events were on and generally plan out our week with which parks etc. 

We flew from Heathrow airport thanks to our Dad giving us a lift πŸ’—. It was easy to get all our covid tests and information sorted and the airline prechecked them beforehand so it didn't take long at all to go through them. Everything was safe and went smoothly, everyone was wearing there masks and people were still spacing which was nice to see!

As we were going about the airport shops Clairey picked herself up her birthday treat from Kurt Geiger! It was neon green and sparkly so πŸ˜‚ You can have as a handbag or adjust the straps for longer length and its hugeeeee inside 😍

Unfortunately there was storm happening in England so our flight was delayed and then it took a lot longer to get to Florida then what was hoped. We were on the plane for 11 hours πŸ˜–. However when we got to Florida, we had a super good taxi driver who got us to the hotel very quickly πŸ™. We stayed at the All Star Music hotel and can super recommend it, it was very nice and big and the hotel is super cute and themed. Our part of the hotel was all pastel and pink which Amy loved.

Even though we got to the hotel super late, luckily we fully planned out the first day so we already knew what to wear and what we wanted to do.

Our first full day was the last day of the Festival of Arts at Epcot and we wanted to show our art (knitting) for our co-ords and thats how we ended up with these super colourful outfits 🌈. In Clairey's photo, you can see how fun the hotel is. Clairey's wearing a super comfortable set from Hollister which Amy bought her for the holiday which worked well in the heat. She's also wearing a bralette Amy knitted for her so her outfit was fully sponsored by Amy πŸ’°. Amy's wearing her knits she made specially for the festival inspired by figment and special thank you to our knitting tutor for help. πŸ’• We're both wearing our headbands by @Imagineveshop which we got so many complements on.  Unfortunately when packing we forgot our lenses, one of our cases was overweight so we swapped things out and then left them 😭 goodbye gyaru Disney trip. With it being the 50th anniversary there was gold statues all over the parks to find too which was fun to look for.

With the festival, they had art booths everywhere and a trail of food booths as well all inspired by the different countries. The food booths were so good and we were so hungry we didn't take many photos πŸ˜‚ We did take a photo of the Encanto inspired booth where we got an chorizo empanada, passionfruit daiquiri and a coconut passionfruit smoothie which was delicious. 

There was so many different artists and styles to choose from, it was almost a little overwhelming to take it all in! But we think we chose some really cute pieces, we can just imagine displaying them altogether in our own place. We focussed on colourful pieces that all radiated joy πŸ’›.

After our food and art trail around Epcot we decided to go to Disney Springs to do some retail therapy πŸ›’ There was special collections celebrating the 50th anniversary that were so retro and cute! A lot of the shops at Disney Springs also have there own Disney exclusives so we just had to check them out πŸ’– We also learnt from last time that if you see something you like, buy it! Who knows if it will be in stock again and you don't want to lose out. Of course we got some Mickey shaped treats and some frozen lemonade to cool down. I don't think we realised just how tired we were from the travel the day before so after shopping we went back to the hotel to rest. 

Day 2 πŸ°πŸ’•

Today was Magic Kingdom day πŸ’– We really wanted to take in all the ambience and magic that this park had. We both wanted to dress more princess like with flowy dresses and skirts. Of course Clairey had to put her own spin on it. Also if you take one tip from our blog please know that strangers will take the best photos! πŸ˜‚

First things first, we picked up some snacks and sat in a quiet area. With the park anniversary, lots of new snacks and drinks were brought out, these slushies were only brought out a week before and we knew we had to try it! They were super nice and cooled us down a lot as there was a big heatwave on our holiday 🌞 The peanut butter cookie pie and rice crispy treat were also super nice and provided the sugar kick you need in the parks 🍬 

Here are our outfits, Amy's was inspired by the "make it pink, make it blue" moment of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty's dance. Her ears are by LauraRoseTreasures, This dress was invaluable with how cool it kept Amy. Clairey split her outfit with a top and a skirt to make it less girly.πŸ˜‚ She matched the tones of her outfit to her crochet Maleficent horns that were again by Imagineve. We love our ears they are both really high quality and got so many complements.

After watching a performance by the Dapper Dans and looking through shops we parked our butts with our snacks and watched the parades. At this time they split it into smaller ones but if you just sat and waited you got to see all of them. We got so many videos and a lot of the characters posed for them (thank you Woody)

We met a lot of characters (including Mickey who was afraid of Claire's Maleficent horns) and rode so many rides. We had a really full day and soon it was time for the firework show.

The park looks so beautiful at night ⭐Some how we managed to get right in the centre really close to the castle. We didn't film or photograph it we just enjoyed the moment. We both loved the show and now have the soundtrack on Spotify repeat πŸ˜­πŸ’– 

We then hightailed it to the mine train and still had to wait awhile, but a lot less than usual. After the ride we grabbed some snacks and food at the hotel and crawled into bed. 😴

Writing this blog really brought back fun memories for us both and it was so sweet to see πŸ˜­πŸ’—. It kinda feel like were writing it in our diary and not a blog post~

Who is your favourite Disney character? Classic or new!

Blog Soon
Clairey & Amy xxx

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  1. Omg this was such an exciting post, thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I looove Kurt Geiger purses, I hope to get one someday too ^^
    The empanada and smoothie looks too good *-* I love all your ears too!
    This was so much fun, I'm glad you had a great time! my favorite Disney character is Dumbo <3