Saturday, 4 June 2022

Triplets off to Disneyland~! Gyaru OOTD

Hello cuties hope everyone is well 💖 

We're both back at work now after time off (boo!) and things are getting really busy again. However back when we were on Holiday we had time to chat and have a make up call with Katbat 💕 Even though we've only recently started chatting we quickly realised that we're so alike! She's pretty much our long lost twin and more of a twin to Clairey than Amy is 😂 We didn't really have a plan or theme for what we wanted to do, we all had different ideas and then all of a sudden we all started to go for a Disney feel in our own ways! So we called the theme, our sibling trip to Disneyland 🏰 

Here are the looks we came up with 💖

Outfit rundown
Ears - Imagineve
Necklace - Glavil
Jumper - JSG
Bag - W♥C
Shorts - River Island

Clairey Here 👽 So this has to be one of my favourite looks ever! I mean look at all the bright colours 😍. Originally I was just going for a beachy vibe being inspired by my new Kumatan bag and the bright colours of the JSG jumper just called for it! Despite it being a jumper, it's actually very light and quite an open knit. However, when I saw the Disney vibe that started I hopped straight on! I think the headband actually really vibes with the JSG piece.  For the makeup I went for a heavy peach blush (being inspired by the heavy blush phase in 2009ish times) which I felt could be heavier 😂 bright sunny yellow eyeshadow and a peach gloss to finish. I'm also trying new underlashes and think they worked out well! I normally go for a big wispy style but this is cute too 💕

Outfit Rundown
Ears: Laurarosetreasures 
Necklace: Betsey Johnson x Disney World Exclusive
Jumper: Disney World
Belt: Tralala
Skirt: Asos
Bag: Boguta 

Amy here, I was super happy to wear a lot of my Disney World pieces in this look and I also got to wear my new Boguta bag too 🎀 I built this outfit around my jumper and ears and added the other pieces to it to match the colours, I think they play nicely together 😊 I also got to wear my new bow bag which Clairey and I bought matching ones (duh), completely useless but completely cute! 😂 I also got my hair dyed recently, I no longer want to bleach it anymore but still want it to be me so I think this is a good compromise. I didn't get a good photo of my make up but I went with a sparkly lilac eyeshadow and pink lip to continue to pastel feel. 

Here's Katbat's outfit 💖 All ready for our triplet trip 😂 We love the Pastel feel we all had going today. Okay, before you say it... Clairey kind of had some pastel aspects going on! 💖 The crocs Kat wears are Daisy duck coloured too and the perfect finishing touch! She also inspired us to buy a BUNCH of Tokyo Disney hats that we just love. Kat also did the most amazing rainbow eye look to go with this outfit as well which looked stunning. You can see this on her Insta ^^ We love doing make up calls together, they are so fun and inspiring and we love to see how we all do makeup. This call actually went on for a long time 😛 cause we split for photos but then came back and chilled and cooked food together! 

Thank you so much Kat, your a babe 💗

Blog soon xx

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