Sunday, 18 September 2022

Last Hurrah For Summer ~ Our Gyaru Sewing Project ♥

 Hi cuties! 

Long time no blog 😅 life has really gotten in the way lately! Lots of things we have wanted to do were all put on hold, but we made it through! 🌈 

One of those projects was to sew our own gyaru romper playsuits! We chose to do a romper mostly because it was summer and also we can't really buy playsuits or rompers as were too tall and they just don't fit the torso or leg. 😖😂 

We both started a deep dive of our favourite gyaru brand rompers. With Clairey feeling more inspired by Cocolu she wanted it to look beachy and casual.

Clairey here! So I really wanted to do a mixture of these two rompers. Have it looking beachy and casual like the first pic but including more patches to make it stand out more and giving it the extra cute touch. 💖

And Amy was inspired by D.I.A really wanting a bold print to make the statement.

 Amy here 🙋 After looking at so many D.I.A pieces I noticed a theme of print and the classic metallic fixtures that are always used such as zips, chain and buttons. I was inspired by this one in particular because of the bold print. I also saw the sailor style romper and would totally love to make something inspired by that some day! ⚓

We chose this pattern (New Look 6291) as a base as it has the basic shape that we both wanted and it could be styled in many ways in the future. It also is a easy pattern which is good for nervous sewers. As we have this tall problem and Clairey is a nervous sewer we went to a local sewing class where we could alter the pattern and have an enjoyable day too 💖 You could totally finish this pattern in a day but we were such chatterboxes it took a little longer 😂

And here are the results! Similar but with fabric and styled differently we feel this represents us a twins so much as well 👯 This is also our last hurrah to summer 🌞 as it's now nearly autumn. We're so happy with how these turned out and we had such a lovely time on the day as well. 

Amy here! Ta da new hair again 💇 I've been really inspired by all the dark haired gyaru I've been seeing on Instagram like Ayaka so I dyed my hair back to my natural colour and bought some silver extensions. I dyed an ombre but still wanted streaks and this is the result, I really love the length and the colours and feel more like myself ⭐ I've also ordered some wefts to make some highlight streaks to mix things up as well.

 I paired a chain belt, bracelet and denim choker to lean it more tsuyome, but tsuyome at the beach! Just imagine it's much more warmer than it is ⛅

I'm so happy with how my romper turned out as well 💕 I made the main details, the chain and charm going across the clip on straps. I hunted around for heart shape dungaree suspender clips and waited forever for them to arrive but they're perfect. I feel like the pendants make it look like a charm bracelet. The fabric is a really light breathable cotton which makes it perfect for hot days and it fits me perfectly. I went to University and college for sewing but really enjoyed our sewing classes and seeing Claire grow more confident!

Clairey here 💥 Aww I'm really happy with my look 😊 felt like I had to do one last cutesy look before my grungey rokku Autumn/Winter 😂. I also changed my eyeshape up again! Filling the droop a little more and adding glitter on the bottom, it makes my eyes look a little softer I think compared to my last make. I brought in bright coloured accessories to match my pop patch on my romper. 

Here's a little close up of the sequin patches on my romper 😊 I think they really help add a super cute cocolu feel 💕 Overall I really do love my garment. I wont lie, I get very nervous and self doubty with sewing! I compare myself to Amy too much which is silly as she has years of training and she was the one that trained me, which I'm super grateful for 💗 But spending that day at the sewing class, chatting and having fun and seeing that I can do it really helped. I want to continue to grow confident with my sewing 🌞

So I guess this is goodbye to summer! Looking back we really had a fun and gyaru filled summer. We have made great gal friends which we really cherish. Explored gyaru selves more, done a lot of sewing (more Amy's part 😂) and worked extra hard too. 

We look foward to whatever Autumn brings xx