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Hi cuties! We are twins Amy and Claire and this is our blog we share where we write about anything that makes us happy! So expect posts about sewing, knitting, Japanese Fashion, outfit posts and all things kawaii.

Name: Claire ( I go by Clairey normally 😊)
Fave Styles: Gyaru mostly rokku, general colourful Japanese fashion styles
Fave colour: Anything neon
Hobby: Gaming, Knitting and napping.
Fave Sanrio Character: Pom pom purin!

Name: Amy
Fave Styles: Hime gyaru & hime lolita as well as casual kawaii
Fave colour: Pink
Hobby: Knitting and Animal Crossing
Fave Sanrio Character: My Melody


  1. You guys are gorgeous ♥ I didn't know about your blog so I'm a follower now <3 xoxo

    1. Wow thank you Cutie you're gorgeous <3 followed you back! xxx